Dear UGIR members,

In 1991, when UGIR resumed its activity within the new historical background, no one could imagine the current context of Romania. In the same time, taking into account the changes have occurred over the last five years at international level, it would have been difficult to foresee the best moment to design the development strategy for UGIR.

Since the Romanian economic system is a part of the international economic system, it will certainly change again in the future, so that it is obvious that things will be totally different within five years’ time. Given this context of continuing evolution, UGIR needed a strategy which might allow it not only to solve the current issues, but also to create a framework providing the Union with a certain flexibility and capacity to adapt to the pending changes and to the potential change of its members’ priorities.

In the same spirit, the employers’ confederation has radically reviewed its strategic priorities over the last 10 months. This assessment has been finalized and we consider that the strategy proposed in this document will allow UGIR not only to tackle future challenges, but also to influence the evolution of the economic system according to its members’ expectations.

As we have shown before, the UGIR strategy starts from the identified priorities of the members of the employers’ Confederation, and takes into account the challenges of the Romanian business environment. It also defines the main strategic directions to face these challenges. The employers’ confederation is expected to play a new role which might allow the organization to develop, by the opportunity to launch new initiatives and services tailored to support the UGIR members, both large and small companies, in order to help their business grow. The Union will implement its new strategy, to match the changing needs of its members, in a developing economic context.

UGIR has got the benefit of skilled professional staff with a high potential, as well as a highly committed management, which is confident in the success of its approach. The Employers’ Confederation can only strengthen its position – due to the permanent support form its members, due to its member employers’ structures, and to its territorial structures – in order to keep playing the role of leader and opinion initiator on the platform of social dialogue. Meanwhile, it will have the necessary support to cover an increasing range of professional services supplied to its members.

We are glad and honoured to dedicate this new Strategy, called FOCUS 2020, to the UGIR members!

George Constantin PĂUNESCU

President of UGIR